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Thursday, May 31, 7:00 pm

Self Portrait  Drama / USA / 13 mins

A young woman reflects on the authenticity of marriage by watching a staged re enactment of the same family dinner told from three individual perspectives.

Director/Writer: Corrie Legge
Director: Benjamin Algar
Producer: Rosalie Tenseth, Erin Zapcic
Cast: Edith Bukovics, Russell Kohlmann, Ivylyn Nickel

Tabiib (The Doctor)  Drama / UAE / 30 mins

Tabiib is a short film set in the hardcore reality of a contemporary life, and in the world of myth and the infinite possibilities it promises. It’s a story of lost hope and the redemption that exists in love. 

Director/Writer: Jim Savio
Producer: Ahmed Lotfy
Cast: Mansoor Alfeeli, Suha Najjar

The Red Lotus  Drama / USA / 19 mins

Michelle drags her sister Debbie to a yoga retreat only to reveal that there is no retreat, but an underground abortion clinic. Michelle needs Debbie support, and they are no longer legal.

Director: Jessica Green
Producer: Paula Rossman
Producer/Writer: Shara Ashley Zeiger
Cast: Jennifer Plotzke, Shara Ashley Zeiger, Paula Rossman, Jared P-Smith, Walker Hare, Dani Baum, Jen Lyon 

House Rules  Comedy / USA / 13 mins

A jobless, aimless woman stumbles upon a room for rent. Swallowing her pride, she decides to go for it. From the moment she knocks on the door, she finds that this house may be more than she bargained for.

Director/Producer: Sean Robinson
Producer: Jessica Fernando
Writer: Eileen Kearney
Cast: Eileen Kearney, Maury Ginsberg, Maggie Surovell

Nicole's Cage  Drama / Germany / 15 mins

The big wheel in the most exciting area of the city is the perfect real estate for Jakob and Nicole, a young, ambitious and firmly in the event culture anchored couple. When one of the popular gondolas becomes free, they do not hesitate to move into their first common flat. Unfortunately none of them both has taken the time to get to know his partner before.

Director/Writer: Josef Brandl
Producer: Rike Steyer
Cast: Pheline Roggan, Marcel Mohab

Thursday, May 31, 9:10 pm

Paperperson  Documentary / USA / 3 mins

Jimmy Soloman is a Paperperson, don't call him a paperboy. His family has been delivering the newspaper to this neighborhood for 100s of years; however soon, he will be out of a job.

Director/Producer/Writer: Will Dintenfass
Cast: Ryan Castalia

Polaroid Kingdom  Horror, Drama / USA / 12 mins

Polaroid Kingdom is an indie atmospheric horror short that uses polaroids to tell the chilling story of the bond between sisters from beyond the grave as one family grapples with the death of their youngest daughter.

Director/Producer/Writer: Alexandra Boskovich, Maxwell Seiler
Producer:Sean O'Reilly
Cast: Tara Hatzidakis, Asher Gibbons

(the) Assistant  Comedy / USA / 12 mins

A young man finds out the meaning of “other duties as assigned”.

Director/Writer/Producer: AJ Taylor
Producer: Ann Lowery
Cast: Adam Alexander Hamilton

The Sleepover  Action/Adventure / USA / 8 mins

After a wild night out in New York City, Sunny wakes up to find herself in a stranger's apartment.

Director/Producer/Writer: Nia Hronis
Cast: Meghan LaFlam

Miedo De Monos (Fear of Monkeys)  Animation, Drama / USA / 6 mins

I recorded my father telling the story of why he is afraid of monkeys. His fear dates back to 1958 as a boy growing up in Ecuador. This is my adaptation of this story.

Director/Writer: Michael Arcos
Producer: Betsy Holt

The Third King  Historical Drama / Germany / 25 mins

1944. The coldest German winter of World War II. African-American private Jamar gets lost behind the enemy frontline. When he takes shelter in a cabin of Hurtgen Forest he struggles in an uncertain path with fateful encounters for heading home again. A parable about times when humanity seems to be lost. But being human might be the only chance to bond with each other to survive.

Director/Producer/Writer: Christoph Oliver Strunck
Producer: Tonio Kellner
Cast: Kelvin Burkard, Antonia Bill, Jonathan Berlin, Patrick Güldenberg

The Moustache  Comedy / Canada / 10 mins

A man grows a moustache with unexpected results.

Director/Producer: Michael Schaar-Ney
Writer: Brandon Rhiness
Cast: Donovan Workun

Jax & Kate  Drama, Thriller / USA / 20 mins

Jax & Kate is a story about a modern day 'Bonnie & Clyde', however, Kate has a secret she is holding back from Jax because she's afraid it could ruin everything they stand for. Jax and Kate are A-Class criminals who have been on the run for years, but as Kate starts to question their existence because of her secret, both of their lives could be on the line. 

Director: Ryan Sarno
Producer: Patrick Daly
Cast: Gabriella Piazza, Matthew Barrera

Friday, June 1, 7:00 pm

Operation Proposal  Documentary, Comedy, Romance / USA / 6 mins

Operation Proposal follows 'spy' photographer Vlad Leto, as he travels the streets of NYC, capturing some of the most romantic moments of a person's life--wedding proposals--without blowing his cover. 

Director/Producer: Emily Harrold

For Liberty  Drama / USA / 12 mins

After reconnecting with Liberty, his estranged half sister, Jim, a lonely high school senior buts heads with her cocksure boyfriend.

Director: Roan Bibby
Producer: George Lois 
Writer: Eric Emma
Cast: Guillermo Arribas, Molly Groome, Christian Daly

Future Genesis  Drama, Science Fiction / USA / 7 mins

A doomed test pilot reflects on what he left behind on Earth as he falls to his death in a crippled spaceship.

Director/Producer/Writer: Alexandre Pulido
Cast: Annette Flores, Jared Canfield

The Perfect Fit  Drama, Comedy / USA / 17 mins

A determined young actress gets the opportunity to audition for the role that her mother originated on Broadway. When tensions arise between the two, the girl must decide whether to play by her mother's rules or her own.

Director/Writer: Emory Parker
Producer: Elizabeth Groth
Cast: Emory Parker, Jolie Curtsinger, David Beach, E.B. Hinnant, Ana Marie Calise

Runaway  Drama, Thriller / USA / 25 mins

Sue, an enslaved woman, attempts to help 2 runaway slaves under the nose of a seething overseer, all while trying to keep her daughter from being sold off the next day.

Director: Daniel Fries
Producer: Jacqueline Simmons, Gabrielle Greig
Writer: Alrick Brown, Michael Lord
Cast: Jasmine Carmichael, Ty Robinson, Dominik Tiefenthaler

The Birds Sing Too Loud  Comedy / USA / 15 mins

In an effort to mend old washed out bridges, Mitch invites his two bitter, complaining aunts for a visit to his fancy home in Hollywood. It doesn't go well.

Director/Producer/Writer: Jack Kenny
Producer: Braxton Molinaro, Jonathan Sokolow, Gilana Lobel, Oliver Brooks
Cast: Jane Lynch, Kate Mulgrew, Braxton Molinaro

Loser Leaves Town  Drama / USA / 12 mins

An 11-year-old luchador uses his vivid imagination to make it through the toughest weekend of his life.

Director/Writer: Mark Nickelsburg
Producer/Writer: Eric Johnson
Cast: Elliot Villar, Jayden Jose Toledo, Delphina Belle, Christy Escobar

Friday, June 1, 9:10 pm

BPM  Action/Adventure / USA / 4 mins

A jogger searching for cheap thrills stumbles upon something more exhilarating.

Director/Producer/Writer: Greg Robbins
Producer: Shane Duckworth, Kyle Smith
Cast: Annie-Sage Whitehurst

Zen Parking  Comedy / USA / 12 mins

A yoga teacher has to face his rage when someone steals his parking spot.

Director: Agustin McCarthy
Cast: Yuval Boim

Bessie  Thriller / USA / 10 mins

Bessie can no longer tolerate Lillian's bad behavior. So when the opportunity arises she makes her escape. But how far away can an imaginary friend go?

Director/Writer: Taryn Kosviner
Producer: Elaine Del Valle
Cast: Annie McGreevey, Allyce Beasley

Fevah  Drama, Romance / USA / 13 mins

A heartbroken single mom is about to plunge into a new relationship when her child's missing father returns with a secret.

Director/Writer: Randall Dottin
Producer: Nikhil Melnechuk, Kelly Wydryk
Cast: Melissa Jackson, Russell Hornsby, LaRoyce Hawkins

Tell Me Twice  Drama, Romance / USA / 13 mins

When Natalie spontaneously runs into her ex at a party, she is forced to confront her feelings.

Director/Writer: Caitlin Stickels
Writer: Morgan Ingari
Cast: Jess Stark, Kea Trevett

It's Complicated  Comedy, Romance, Horror / South Africa / 18 mins

When lonely Andy invites a girl whom he met online to his apartment, he falls head-over-heels for her despite his flatmate Nigel's repeated attempts to point out her seemingly obvious flaw.

Director: Grant De Sousa
Writer: Kelvin Wong
Producer: Justin Cohen, Tyrone Rubin, Alan Lawson
Cast: Johann Vermaak, Lise Slabber, Paul Snodgrass, Lara Adine Lipschitz, Raph Kossew, Sean Cameron Michael

9.8 m/s²  Drama, Action / USA / 23 mins

Danny (a Russian immigrant, 47) hijacks a taxi cab on a Saturday night and rushes through Manhattan, in search of his young beautiful wife.

Director/Producer/Writer: Michael Vaynberg
Producer: Mario Chioldi
Cast: Pasha D. Lychnikoff, Lyanka Gryu, Michael Sirow

Saturday, June 2, 7:00 pm

Parent Teacher Conference  Comedy / USA / 10 mins
A concerned pre-school teacher gets more than he bargains for when he calls a Parent Teacher Conference for little Grayson. 
Director: Samantha Saltzman
Writer: Marla Pachter, Jenny Paul 
Producer: Brien Milesi, Jenny Paul
Cast: Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, Brien Milesi, Jenny Paul, Melene Sosi, Chelsea Roach

Man's Best Friend  Dark Comedy / USA / 11 mins

Man's Best Friend is a dark comedy that examines our relationship to smartphones and how they both connect and isolate us from one another.

Director/Producer: Natasha Blass, Alex Mallonee
Producer: Taylor Humphreys
Writer: Natasha Blass
Cast: Christophe Parker, Megan Putnam, Jon Paul Tillman

Carl  Drama / USA / 18 mins

Carl tells the story of Carl Denaro, who at twenty years old was shot in the head and became a victim to the Son of Sam shootings. As he was one of the first victims and there was no face to the alleged killer, Carl had to face a world of isolation. From that point on, he was forced to reevaluate his life and future since his plan to be a photographer for the Air Force was ruined. Our story follows Carl after the accident and how he and the rest of the world would find out his shooting was a part of a mass hysteria that changed New York in the late 1970's.

Director/Producer/Writer: Casey Denaro
Producer: Micheal TJ Williams, Thomas Rivera Montes
Cast: Glen Feinstein, Lexie Roth, Sara Humphreys, Emma Gannon-Salomon, Jeffrey Alan Solomon, Carl Denaro

Roofs Of My City  Drama / USA / 16 mins

The story of two neighbors who meet on their rooftops - both foreigners and artists from Europe living in Brooklyn. 
In their loneliness they find each other, both seeking for connection and both searching for an answer to where is truly "home".

Director/Writer: Maya Jasmin
Cast: Terence Schweizer, Maya Jasmin, Matthew Gerrish

The Observer Effect  Mystery, Thriller, Supernatural / Ireland / 19 mins

A woman is haunted by a dark watcher, a man obsessed with thoughts of her vicious murder but as the fateful hour draws near bizarre events unfold to reveal truths they could never imagine - and a secret that will change their lives forever.

Director/Writer/Producer: Garret Walsh
Producer: Kathy Horgan
Cast: Vanessa Emme, Patrick O'Brien, Brendan Sheehan

When Don Met Vicky  Drama, Crime, Romance / USA / 9 mins

Don, down on his luck, decides to hold up a corner store... but when someone has already beat him to the punch, things go awry.

Director/Producer/Writer: Christian Ghosn
Producer: Claudia Fanaro
Writer: Bryce Ahart
Cast: Mason Gooding, Victoria Oliver, Thomas Lange

Vacant  Drama, Romance, Fantasy / USA / 10 mins
A woman wakes up in her bed. Alone. Her mind launches into a dark study about the collapse of her marriage. 
Director/Writer: Nina Lisandrello
Producer: Jennifer Haufler, Rebekah Boisvert
Cast: Eila Valls, Nickemil Concepcion

Saturday, June 2, 9:10 pm

Marie's Crisis  Documentary, Musical, Music, History / USA / 13 mins

In 1967 a sing-along piano bar in the basement of a building in with a storied history opened in New York’s West Village. This short documentary explores why it has and continues to be a home for misfits, musical theatre lovers and tourists alike.

Director/Producer/Writer: Michael Vecchio
Producer/Writer: Bill Augustin

Are You Afraid of the '90s?  Comedy / USA / 17 mins

The Tale of the Quarter-Life Crisis. A clever dark comedic short film about the greatest decade ever – come to life. After moving back into her parents’ home, Jessica discovers the nostalgia she had for her life in the ‘90s has become a living nightmare.

Director/Writer: Kate Moran
Producer: Chelsea Marino, Christa Artherholt, Hannah Cauhepe, Heather Matarazzo, Emily Duncan, Michael Summers
Cast: Heather Matarazzo, Kristine Sutherland, Jenna Leigh Green

First Samurai in New York  Action, Crime / USA / 13 mins

In the late 1800s, a Japanese-born woman, trained as a samurai by her late father, emigrates to New York, looking for a better life – she finds racism, violence and death instead.

Director/Producer/Writer: Justin Ambrosino
Producer: Steve Della Salla, Mike Leavy, Maho Honda, Kyo Kasumi
Writer: Yuki Arai
Cast: Maho Honda, Mike Houston, Gabe Fazio

Cover  Mystery, Drama / USA / 13 mins

A struggling sculptor and wig-wearing pianist keep running into each other. When he goes searching for the music that breaks his creative block, he follows her colorful trail and soon discovers that there is more than meets the eye.

Director/Producer/Writer: J.Y. Chun
Producer: Marcel Simoneau
Cast: Tayo Cittadella, J.Y. Chun

The Babysitter  Horror, Comedy, Mystery / USA / 10 mins

Six-year-old Lulu's imagination takes flight when she conflates evidence of her Dad's infidelity with a dark fairy tale.

Director/Writer: Molly Gandour
Producer: Kate Stahl
Writer: Rachel Lyon
Cast: Jordana Rose, Sania Hyatt

Ma  Drama / USA / 15 mins

A bored suburban mom seeks adventure in an anonymous sexual encounter with a younger man, only to find herself to be an unwelcome guest at a teenagers' party in the woods.

Director/Writer: Millicent Cho
Producer: Gigi Dement, Joyce Sherri
Cast: Manuel Herrera, Marguerite Stimpson, Yuka Taga

Safe at Snug Harbor  Documentary / USA / 14 mins

Once a month, an intergenerational group of amateur and professional musicians meet on Staten Island for a community sing, where they are keeping alive historical sea shanties and maritime folk songs. Hear from some of the passionate people who are celebrating this rare slice of New York history.

Director/Producer/Writer: Gabriel Baron
Producer/Writer: Leia Grossman

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