NY Shorts Fest

WEDNESDAY - MAY 31 - 9:55 PM

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Suspense/Thriller / USA / 14 min.

A man catches a glimpse of a girl undressing in her window and becomes obsessed with her. We uncover the points of view of both these characters in this tale of infatuation, love, obsession and terror.

Director: Marcel Simoneau
Producer: Minos Papas, Marcel Simoneau
Writer: Don Nigro, Marcel Simoneau
Cast: Christina Paterno, Marcel Simoneau
Workplace Woes: Scavengers Among Us

Comedy / USA / 14 min.

Someone has been eating Danny's lunch and she will stop at nothing to find out who it is. But is she ready to uncover the uncomfortable truth of her office?

Director: Michael Pizzano
Producer: Lindsay Stein, Matthew Pizzano
Writer: Michael Pizzano
Cast: Alex Covington, Dave Chura, Justin Andrew Davis
Barney Strong

Comedy / USA / 28 min.

Barney is a promising young salesman on the road with seasoned veterans Harley and Merle. A life of slinging frivolous appliances, living in sleazy motels, and preying on defenseless suburbanites has made Barney question his purpose. When Barney attempts to pursue a customer's daughter, his mentors begin to play tug of war over his destiny.

Director: Ben Kujawski
Producer: Trevor Clifford, Matt Newby
Writer: Ben Kujawski, Matt Newby
Cast: Matt Newby, Tom White
After Words: The opposite of foreplay

Comedy / USA / 12 min.

Claire searches for love and sex in a story told entirely by what happens after sex.

Director: Maria Bunai
Producer: Tracy Daniels, Kim Jackson
Writer: Maria Bunai
Cast: Lucy Kaminsky, Harry Aspinwall, Nathan Wallace
The Bridge

Drama / USA / 7 min.

When one new mother sees that another has lost her baby's bottle, she tries to help her, but no good mom goes unjudged.

Director: Leslie Shearing
Producer: Tonilyn Sideco
Writer: Leslie Shearing
Cast: Grace Marlow, Olivia Washington, Vince Edgehill

Comedy / USA / 29 min.

The only thing worse than white, heterosexual, male privilege is... not being able to enjoy it! Equal parts buddy comedy and social satire, Evolved follows two brothers trying to be progressive, but their overwhelming privilege thwarts them at every turn.

Director: Viridiana Lieberman, Danielle DiPaolo
Producer: Danielle DiPaolo, Viridiana Lieberman
Writer: Danielle DiPaolo
Cast: Michael Cruz Kayne, Ken Beck
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