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Local H: Innocents

Music Video / USA / 6 min.

Ray, a motorcycle mechanic, ends his day just like any other, but upon reaching his old watering hole, he realizes things aren't quite the same and he may never be the same again.

Director: Felix Piñeiro
Producer: Mark Skala, Justin Reid Tvedt
Writer: Alex Bonner
Cast: Michael Shannon

Drama / USA / 14 min.

A police sketch artist works with the survivor of a sexual assault to come up with a drawing of the suspect.

Director: Adam Turkel
Producer: Bria Kalpen
Writer: Adam Turkel
Cast: Heidi Drennan, Lily Santiago, Noah LaPook

Suspense/Thriller / USA / 12 min.

Haunted by his young brother's tragic death, a young man tries to leave home and his past behind. However, when he starts seeing his dead brother everywhere, he blacks out. And, when he awakes, someone's always dead. Is there evil afoot? Or is the ghost all in his head?

Director: Christine Vartoughian
Producer: James Legris, Roland Smith
Writer: James Legris
Cast: James Legris, Ellen Toland, Donovan Colan
How Do You Type a Broken Heart

Drama / USA / 13 min.

New mother Becky is awakened at close to midnight by Justine, an alcoholic bent on self- destruction. To reach Justine, Becky, must open her own padlocked past and finds herself drawn closer to the abyss than she ever expected.

Director: Jeremiah Kipp
Producer: Natasha Straley, Alpha Mare Films
Writer: Susannah Nolan
Cast: Emily Donohoe, Holly Curran, Kenneth De Abrew, Emilia Rodriguez
The Boy in the High Window

Drama / USA / 27 min.

A man returns to his childhood home to confront the fantasies he conjured as a boy.

Director: Sommer Rusinski
Producer: Sommer Rusinski, Stephen Hearn
Writer: Sommer Rusinski
Cast: Lucy Faust, Tim Deenihan, Noelle Lake, Jennifer Blood, Brendan Walsh, Hans Kiessling
Best Wishes

Comedy / USA / 6 min.

While on their annual fishing trip, a son asks for his father's advice on marriage. The guidance he receives from his dad destroys everything he knew about love and relationships, but at least they’re fishing…right?

Director: Kevin Etherson
Producer: Kevin Etherson, Emily DeBlasi
Writer: Kevin Etherson
Cast: Matthew Starr, Patrick Garner
The Handy Man

Comedy / USA / 12 min.

Newly single Mary handles her first date after a 20+ year marriage well. Or so she thinks, until she makes a discovery that rocks her naïve little world. A nosy roommate and plumbing issues have Mary scrambling to maintain her last shred of dignity.

Director: Dana Marisa Schoenfeld, Analisa Velez
Producer: Chris Holliday, Dana Marisa Schoenfeld
Writer: Chris Holliday
Cast: Chris Holliday, Anthony Grasso, Analisa Velez, Joel Walker
To Kill a Stoat

Animation / USA / 4 min.

To Kill a Stoat is a homage to an old Irish superstition that stoats were dark faeries in disguise, carried ceremonies for their dead, and were venomous like snakes! Because of this, it would be dreadfully unlucky for a person to harm or kill a stoat. A modern trapper forgets these long headed warnings of danger and hinds himself snared in a trap of the worst kind.

Director: Hannah Stephens
Producer: Hannah Stephens
Writer: Hannah Stephens
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