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You Are A Good Kid

Drama / USA / 11 min.

A little boy wants to find his mom for his school event

Director: Zichen Liang
Producer: Bichen Yang
Writer: Zichen Liang
Cast: Ricky Hopkins, Samuel Pilkenton, Stephanie Sheak
Everything's Fine: A Panic Attack in D Major

Musical / USA / 14 min.

A musical comedy about a woman at the onset of her quarter-life crisis and her existential journey through the various stages of anxiety in song and dance.

Director: Zack Morrison
Producer: Taylor Ortega
Writer: Zack Morrison
Cast: Carly Blane, Derek Klena, Tait Ruppert, Chelsea Watts, Alyson Reim, Elise Vannerson, Lauren Luciano, Zack Morrison
The Son, the Father....

Suspense/Thriller / USA / 13 min.

The events on a young boy's birthday have dark and twisted consequences far into his future.

Director: Lukas Hassel
Producer: Ben Andrews, Lorraine Montez
Writer: Lukas Hassel
Cast: Lukas Hassel, Colleen Carey, Lucas Oktay, Chris Morson

Comedy / USA / 14 min.

A midwestern mom moves to hipster Brooklyn to find that the local P.T.A. moms are mysteriously dropping dead.

Director: Caroline Gordon-Elliott
Producer: Caroline Gordon-Elliott, Mary McCune
Writer: Caroline Gordon-Elliott
Cast: Brittany Lee McDonald, Angela Goethals, Mat Hostetler

Drama / USA / 12 min.

An anxiety-ridden high school girl is faced with the challenge of giving a class presentation.

Director: Danielle Kampf
Producer: Jamie Sweeney, Caitlin Lawrie
Writer: Danielle Kampf
Cast: Emily Rey, Lily Brooks O'Briant, Vanessa Britting, Regina Pasqualino
Civic Mind

Drama / USA / 19 min.

A teenage, NYPD volunteer goes undercover to purchase alcohol and other items not permitted to be sold to minors. His methods are put into question when the biggest bust of his career is done illegally, jeopardizing everything he’s worked for and threatens a gentrifying, Brooklyn community.

Director: Adonis Williams
Writer: Adonis Williams

Animation / USA / 5 min.

A lone astronaut struggles to archive his fading world as the universe begins to fall apart.

Director: Sean Ye
Temptation Of Saint Francis

Animation / USA / 6 min.

Two ill matched garden statues fall in love in this animated exploration of the battle between spiritual enlightenment and physical desires that we all go through. An imaginative take on what happens in your garden when you’re not looking.

Director: Johnnie Semerad
Producer: Carey Gattyan, Dara Semerad
Writer: Johnnie Semerad
Cast: Peter Baker
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