NY Shorts Fest

WEDNESDAY - MAY 31 - 5:30 PM

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The Head Vanishes

Animation / Canada / 9 min.

Jacqueline isnít quite in her right mind anymore, but sheís determined to take the train to the seaside, as she does every summer. Only this year, sheís constantly being followed by some woman who claims to be her daughter, and the trip takes some unexpected, phantasmagorical turns. Franck Dionís gentle, poetic film invites us to share the journey of an elderly woman living with degenerative dementia, as her confused mind leaves her open to danger.

Director: Franck Dion
Producer: Franck Dion, Richard Van Den Boom
Writer: Franck Dion
Cast: Julie (Producer), Roy (Producer)
Something Happened

Drama / USA / 20 min.

A young man has one weekend to fix his life. A young woman has one weekend to escape hers.

Director: Nikhil Melnechuk
Producer: Kathy Komaroff Goodman, Flemming Fynsk
Writer: Nikhil Melnechuk
Cast: Steven Maroti, Susanna Herbert

Drama / USA / 13 min.

A middle-aged woman conjures the memory of a long-ago love, and when her ham-handed husband discovers the secret, he liberates her to find out just what happened to that boy from the past.

Director: Hugh Scully
Producer: Janet Scully
Writer: Hugh Scully
Cast: Margaret Reed, Kevin Nagel

Documentary / USA / 5 min.

From chainsaw to cocktail, this beautiful 5-minute documentary tracks the journey of clear, artisan ice into the hands of New York City bartenders. Shot on a Panasonic GH5, this short film is presented in 4K, 60 frames per second.

Director: Griffin Hammond
Producer: Griffin Hammond
Writer: Griffin Hammond
98 ST - Playland

Drama / USA / 16 min.

Reeka tries to escape herself, she leaves her girlfriend and spends the night with a stranger. She has one mission in mind and heart, which is to get back to her ex boyfriend Levi, with the possibility of starting a new road together.

Director: Joseph Arnone
Producer: Joseph Arnone, Daniella Alma
Writer: Daniella Alma
Cast: Daniella Alma, Jonathan Drew
I Love New York

Action/Adventure / USA / 10 min.

In a city where everyone's got an angle, how does you survive? After an NYC first-timer befriends a savvy street girl on the train, she takes him on a fantastical ride through all the city's pitfalls. But nothing's free in this town, so tighten up your hustle or you might just get hustled yourself.

Director: Christian Vogeler
Producer: Vanessa Weiss

Comedy / Australia / 14 min.

Cursed with an unfortunate combination of hypochondria and bad luck, an eccentric middle-aged woman convinces herself she has a terminal illness, but the devastating results arenít what she expected.

Director: Benjamin Griggs
Producer: Katie Dorman, Shaye Guillory
Writer: Benjamin Griggs
Cast: Lisa Campos, Elisa James
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